Terms & Conditions


Security Deposit & Damages:


  • The rider agrees to a $250 security deposit per rental, to be charged to your credit card prior to rental pick-up and refunded, minus any assessed fees, at the time the rental is returned. This security deposit is intended to cover minor damages to the scooter beyond normal wear and tear. The rider will review the condition of the scooter before and after the rental with Beer City Scooters staff to identify any damages to the scooter and discuss assessed fees.

  • Riders are required to lock and secure scooters when not in use according to instructions and equipment provided by Beer City Scooters staff. Riders will be held responsible if a scooter is lost or stolen during their rental time.  Renter agrees to pay full replacement value of the scooter and other equipment rented hereunder should the same not be returned to Beer City Scooters as required as required by this agreement or if stolen or damaged during the term of this agreement.

  • Should damages exceed $250, the rider is expected to pay for repairs to or replacement of the scooter per the rental agreement.

  • We provide a phone mount and water resistant bag on each scooter for your personal items; however, we are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal items during your rental.



Cancellation Policy:

  • Riders will receive a full refund in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Scooters are rented rain or shine unless severe weather is forecasted. Please dress accordingly.

  • Cancellations with at least 48-hour notice from reservation date/time will receive a full refund.

  • Cancellations made less than 48 hours from reservation date/time are not eligible for a refund.

  • No-shows will be charged the full rental price.

  • There is no refund for early returns.



Operator Guidelines:

  • Riders must be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license. Only users authorized by Beer City Scooters may operate the scooter.

  • Riders must wear a helmet at all times while operating the scooter. A helmet will be provided by Beer City Scooters to each rider, free of charge. Protective eyewear and closed toes shoes are required while operating the scooter.

  • Always ride within your comfort level and be safe. Be mindful of other riders in your party and make sure to ride at a comfort level for all. Accidents and injuries can happen when a rider tries to ride outside of their comfort level or keep up with a better rider.

  • Be cautious of other motor vehicles on the road. Cars may not always see you even if you see them. Be aware and ride defensively.

  • Only one rider per scooter is permitted, with a weight capacity not to exceed 300 pounds. No passengers on the scooter.

  • The scooter is a tagged and registered motor vehicle. Riders must obey all North Carolina traffic laws and local authority parking rules. The user authorizes Beer City Scooters to charge the credit card on file for any unpaid parking tickets or citations (e.g. towing fees) incurred during the assigned rental time.

  • Scooters are strictly prohibited from being driven on the interstate. Riders should take roads with slower speed limits whenever possible. The scooters have a max speed of 35-40 mph and may be slower going uphill. Riders should adhere to the approved routes and areas provided by Beer City Scooters. Going outside these approved areas increase the risk of unsafe riding conditions and possible injury or damages.

  • All riders are expected to be responsible. Do not operate the scooter if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • There is a fifteen-minute grace period for rental returns. After that, the rider will be charged $1 for every minute the scooter return is late.

  • All rentals are started with a full tank of gas (approximately 1.3 gallons). Beer City Scooters does not charge for gas and does not require the scooters to be returned with a full tank; however, the rider is responsible for ensuring they have enough gas while riding and enough gas to return the scooter to the designated pick-up/drop-off location.



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